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Ever wondered why your stunning website isn’t bringing business ?
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Create And Convert

Create visibility and convert leads into sales

Being on social media is no big thing, but generating business from social media is, and we do just that. Our digerati are experts in organic digital marketing methods. They unleash content strategies, generate traffic and analyse the results of Social Media Marketing activities. Our social media marketing approach too is tailor-made, so we start with a one-to-one consultation to understand your requirements, prepare a workable plan, execute it and then analyse and tweak it as per the results. Budget Websites social media marketing techniques include
Social Media Marketing

Preliminary analysis

There’s no one formula that works for all, to understand what works for you our SEM digerati will run a preliminary check to know how much attention your business is getting on social media.
Social Media Marketing-Preliminary Analysis
Social Media Marketing - Branded Presence
Social Media Marketing

Branded Presence

You may be having social media accounts on different networking channels, but are they branded? Budget Websites SEM team will dress-up your company’s social profiles in sync with your brand identity – colour, content, tone, hashtags and everything else will be in perfect sync with your branding.
Social Media Marketing

Building customer persona

Any effort that doesn’t hit the bull’s eye is wasted, and to hit the target you need clarity. So our social media marketing personnel will create customer personas that will largely resemble your customers and their interests.
Social Media Marketing- Building Customer Persona
Social Media Marketing-Engaging Customers
Social Media Marketing

Engaging customers

Budget Websites social media marketing includes interacting, entertaining and educating customers with high-quality value-added content.
Social Media Marketing

Multi-level targetting

Our social media marketing experts will map your customer’s journey and will engage with them at every point in the journey.
Social Media Marketing-Multilevel Targetting
Social Media Marketing-Multichannel targetting
Social Media Marketing

Multi-channel targetting

Constantly engaging with customers on various platforms where they are present.
Social Media Marketing


Engaging and analysing is our social media marketer’s approach. Measuring the impact of campaigns is imperative and something we do and inform you to know what is working and how effectively. Changes are incorporated into social media strategy based on these findings
Social Media Marketing-Measuring

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