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    Search Engine Ranking Determines Visibility;

    Our Search Engine Optimisation practices are optimised to deliver speed, ranking and prominence. There are few key considerations when it comes to SEO.

    Keyword research

    Gazillions of keywords are floating around the internet, but do all of them mean the same to you? No for sure, then how do you find the one that works for you? Well, that’s what Budget Websites Search Engine Optimisation experts are here for. Our SEO digerati invest hours to get the keywords that your target audience is searching with, thereby fishing only that’s relevant. With the right keywords, you get the right traffic.

    Keyword optimisation

    Only the relevant keywords are SEO optimised and optimised in various ways such as through tags and content. Our SEO approach cordons off the irrelevant traffic to reduce bounce rate and to increase Google ranking.

    Link Building

    Google’s algorithm is ever-changing, but one unchanging aspect that even Google considers is backlinks, which means links from other referral sites. Though it can be explained in one sentence, it’s no piece of cake. We believe there are no shortcuts in SEO, well at least in white-hat SEO, our SEO experts rake their brains to find and utilise all available channels for link building


    Our focus is where you are focusing. If your targeting Perth then we drive down our SEO activities to leverage that market for you

    Competitor analysis

    Do you know your competitors in and out? Well, it’s important to know your competitors and their SEO activities, to find undiscovered territories and rank ahead of them, for there are only ten results that show up on Google’s first page

    Optimising conversion

    At Budget Websites, we put in practice SEO techniques to optimise traffic coming to your website and also to convert those leads into sales.
    Budget Websites follows a comprehensive 360 degree SEO process that helps us to bring results for your website.

    Our Process Simplified


    Preliminary SEO Audit

    We SEO audit your website to gauge its performance and understand scope for improvement. Our team will give an ear to your requirement and understand your business to come up with a fail-proof SEO plan.


    Our SEO experts will keep working on your website on a monthly basis to constantly improve its position. SEO is not a one time process; it involves continuous monitoring and tweaking of plans to achieve and retain ranking.

    Implementing Plan

    SEO implementation works on two levels – on-site and off-site. On-site SEO is conducted on your website – content modification, adding tags, design and technical modifications. Off-site SEO is marketing your content and building links.

    Analysis and report

    Our SEO team will set Google Analytics and Webmaster accounts for your website and will constantly monitor the results. Though you will start experiencing the result yourself, Budget Websites will send out a monthlydemystified analytics report for you. No, we won’t stop at that

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