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Just as Vincent Van Gough said, “Colour in a painting is like enthusiasm in life”, colours have a considerable effect on human emotions as they make deep-rooted connections in mind. Different colours can invoke different emotions and are perceived differently by the brain. The colour of the sky, for instance, at different hours of the day, has the ability to alter moods.
The transformation that colours sets in a person is very subtle yet too powerful to ignore. The psychology behind colour processing by the mind has been explored and exploited in the marketing arena to generate desired results. As a business owner, knowledge of colour psychology can help you position your brand appropriately by invoking favoured responses with the use right colours in your branding and logo design.

Here you can see how the colours effectively speak about the product

Natureland by McCallum

Howlett Photography


In the first picture, the green colour of the packaging effectively conveys that it is organic. While in the second picture, the colour pink is used for feminine power, and the black and silver communicates the luxury. In the third picture of Grans Bohemian Lager, the white, blue and mustard yellow communicates purity and goodness of the beer.

Colour influences the perception of consumers in ways imperceptible to them, which is why it is considered as an essential weapon in any marketer’s arsenal. Nearly all the businesses today, use this psychology behind colours to create an effective branding strategy.

So, here’s an infographic to understand each colour better to gauge which would be the best colour for your logo

Colour is a key component in branding, and companies around the globe spend considerable amounts to get the best brains for them to figure out what would impress their target audience and would influence them to make favourable buying decisions.

While a single colour invokes an emotion, a combination of them can have a dramatic and powerful effect on the human mind. Here’s an article on some of the best colour combinations for your brand.

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